Getting ready for 2016.

We have got big plans this year. Bounty Garden is focusing on more ways we can FEED THE PEOPLE and to grow that much food, it takes a lot of intentional time and effort in the spring to prepare for planting and seeding. This year there are about 18 students who are discovering what spring prep is all about in our Spring Garden Management class.

See our plan in the tiered fields: 2016 Student Garden Layout

NWTC’s Bounty Garden is in it’s 4th season, and not only has it been growing food organically, it has also been a very organic process. The past couple years, we have been focused on the education piece of the farm and now that some groundwork has been laid, we’re able to put more time into developing our produce capacity and marketing outlets. So, look for us a the OnBroadway, Wednesday night Farmers’ Market.

We hope to have some students post their experiences and pictures here, so readers can hear the many voices that contribute to Bounty Garden’s success.


  • By: Amanda Chu, Bounty Garden Manager

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