Transplanting corn?! In a high tunnel?!?! WHAT?!

We are in Green Bay, WI and sometimes spring weather lasts too long for us to get two turns of corn, especially in our 2.5 acre. We have some early-mid season soggy patches that don’t get full day access to light so we are trying to creatively better utilize that 90’x40′ field. After some research, we came across a SARE grant project of a farmer in Vermont who had started sweet corn in 1020 flats of 72’s and 98’s, then transplanted the starts at the ideal row spacing.

Fascinating. Watch the video of Ben describing our process.

Our seeds germinated in 3 days and were transplanting in the HH, bc the field wasn’t ready to get worked up, at day 19 (April 18).


Germinated on Day 3


Transplanted plants at 10″ apart, rows 18″ apart

By: Amanda Chu, Bounty Garden Manager


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