Planting Seeds of Love

Taking a break from the ever continuing physical, hectic pace of life, to begin this blog has been quite the effort. You would think slowing down would come easy, and a welcomed change. Taking the proverbial “deep breath” I sit, blank at my laptop…felling beat up from current circumstances. An ankle injury that is taking too long to heal, trying to repair water damage in the master bathroom, and fencing that needs to be repaired on my rural property, are all needing attention.

Kind of a jumbled formulation of thoughts began, and the theme of love began to persist. Why do we plant seeds in our gardens and fields? The first thought would be for an income, of course? For the average Farmer’s Market Gardener or family farm, the cultivation of vegetables and crops provide for our immediate family, which is an expression of love.

But then what about my fellow student gardeners at Bounty Garden of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College? Why do we plant, transplant from our green house, water, weed in a 2.5 acre plot, for an un-paid internship (other students have gone for hire for internships). Once again the thought of love reoccurs. Love for the community to provide quality organic food and educate through our Farmer’s Market Stand, Wednesday downtown Green Bay, WI. It would be much easier to just spray chemicals throughout the growing season. But then consider the ramifications.

Ground water contamination, and water way fishing severely impacted in our Brown County area from agricultural ventures not adhering to sustainable practices. A basic human drive is to pass to future generations, safer working and living conditions. Thus an extension of our love to future generations.

“What goes around, comes around,” and I believe this on a national level. The previous actions may be able to be observed in our local area and can have an immediate gratifying effect, intellectually but not always financially. Expanding on this concept, I type on.

“Out of sight, out of mind” comes into play on a global plane. As Gandhi has been quoted “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” The final thought is… we do what we do in Sustainable Agriculture because, we love our family, we love our community, we love our county, we love world citizens, and we love Mother Earth.

-2016 Bounty Garden Intern and student/master of life Teri Saray