Twined in Tilth

strawberry spinach

As a seed you chose me

With care you mixed the soil


With your hands you planted me

You tending me into a seedling, till time to plant me in just the right spot

Feed the soil, my micro kingdom flourishes for my well being

As a start and others sown

Through the season you watered me my dear Intern

Prune back, steak up, trellis or cage

Fertilize, thin out, stir up, and weed all for this one seed

All to see what something so small can achieve

Can you believe I know you are there?

The ones who for moments cast shadows as you work here and there


But you always bring gifts of water, and make sure the sun could reach me.

I grow my fruit, some have vegis or leaf or savory stem

You lightin the load of my efforts

Keep away decay, and shoo off pests of all sorts

Rescue me from being a host, even worse a meal

Will you talk to me and say how colorful and wonderful my smells and flavors are to you?


When I’m done and  the weather makes me wither,

I wish to be composted as to not truly endcompost

We will re-begin again next year


Will you remember our time?

Will you plan and dream under white blanketed roofs to meet my descendants as you did me?

The soil will let them know I was here

And how great you made my time at Bounty Garden


No spoken wordspeppers

…and even being unlike species…

Yet symbiosis

We did share moments in time

We nurtured each other

And others with the will of life

So goodbye and thank you

We both agree it was a great season of learning many wonderful things


A poem by Mandisa Martinez – Bounty Garden intern 2017